How to Delete Photos from iPod Touch Permanently

Want to completely remove the photos from iPod touch,so it's necessary for you to read this article, this article  is mainly about how to use an iPhone Data Eraser tool to delete data completely on iPod touch.Please carefully read  the following content.
wipe data completely on ipod touch
As is known to all,first you can delete photos directly,and if your iPod touch was no JailBreak,you can directly access to "Settings" and erase all the settings and contents.If your iPod touch was JailBreak,not for the first Step,so that the iPod easily become white apple logo,then needing the help of a professional iPhone iPad Data Eraser and iPhone iPad Data Eraser Mac. It's a safe and effective to delete your data.Completely without fear disclose your personal information,even the most professional Data Recovery program cannot restore deleted iPhone data.

You can preview screen,choose the data you need to  delete,avoid to causing the mistake deleting data,including pictures, videos,call logs and messages,calendar,reminder,safari bookmark,voice memo,apps,notes,etc.Thoroughly delete without restore.So your iPod  touch as a new one,release a lot of space.There are two kinds of iPhone data eraser deleting mode, delete the data  on the device directly , delete the deleted data from buckup,providing three security delete grades. Download a free  version, try it!

iPhone iPad iPod Data Eraser       iPhone iPad iPod Eraser Mac

How to Delete Apps from iPod Touch Permanently

Step 1. Launch the iPhone Data Eraser and connect your iPod to the computer

After the installation, run iPhone iPad Data Eraser on your computer. Then connect your iPod with a USB cable to the computer. When the program recognizes your device, you'll see its main window as follows.

Connect your iPod to computer
Note: Backup the important data if you don’t want to delete them

Step 2. Choose "Erase All Data on Device" and click on it

The "WIPE OVER" means to erase all data and settings permanently.

Choose the ipod data you need delete
Step 3. Start to erase all data on your device now

There are three security levels to erase all data on your iPod. You can choose any of them to your requirement. Higher levels will ask for more time. Here we'll choose the default one - the medium one which will overwrite your iPod with junk files ensures that the files can not be recoverable and no one knows that you've deleted all data on your  iPod.  What they can recover from your iPod are all junk files. And then click "START WIPE".

Start to delete the ipod data
Note: The low level - the software will erase and overwrite all your data with zeros to ensure that the files are not recoverable. When recovering data from your iPod, you can only find zeros from it.
The high level - it meets the DOD5220 – 22M standard. When you choose this level, the data on your iPod will be erased and overwritten by three times. You can get a better insurance.

Step 4. Click "Done" and the wiping completed

After a few minutes, all the data will be wiped permanently. You can get your iPod as a new one. No one can recover data from it, regardless of using any data recovery software.

Click "Done" and the wiping completed
Note: Now you can freely trade the iPod after finishing these easy steps. Don't worry about personal information leaks. iPhone Data Eraser permanently wipes all personal data from the device and resetting system setting with just one click, which offers the most effective and safest data protection solution.

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