How to Delete Contacts on iPhone Permanently

One day, you may go to a party or to meet with a customer, when you're ready to store others mobile phone number onto your iPhone then poping up a message to notice the phone memory is full, you must delete a contact to store the new contacts,this is how embarrassing things. Every iPhone users create a new contact or E-mail address onto their iphone, but in case of the memory is full how should you to permanent delete iPhone contacts number that you no longer communicate with? At this  moment,strongly recommend you a software here, iPhone Data Eraser can help you to delete the mobile data with no efforts.

You only need a few simple steps to thoroughly delete the data from your iPhone, including photos, contacts, messages, call history, notes and other personal information. The most laudable feature is that data cannot being recovered again once they are deleted by iPhone Data Eraser or iPhone Data Eraser for Mac. You can follow guidance to download the free and trial version to give it a shot!

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Note: Please remember to backup iPhone contacts to PC or iTunes/iCloud before wiping your device, so that you can still restore the data you wanted when you need.

How to Permanent Delete All Contacts from iPhone

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer

Connect your iPhone to computer

After downloading the iPhone Data Eraser on your computer, connect your iPhone to it then, and run this program on your computer. Your iPhone will be detected automatically, and you will get an interface below.

Step 2. Choose the right option on your device

You should choose the "ERASE ALL DATA ON DEVICE" option, so that you can continue the subsequent steps.
Choose the iphone data you need delete
Step 3. Delete photos on your iPhone

There are three choices available for you to delete your data. Among the "High, Medium, Low", you are recommended to choose the "Medium" level, which takes the moderate time in deleting. Click "Start" button to begin the processing.
Start to delete the iphone data
When the deleting process is over, your iPhone will become a completely new iPhone. You can import the data that you previously backed up to your iPhone and enjoy it as you wish.

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